The Great War Remembered Concert

The concert that helps to support our mission.

Annual concert on Armistice Day


Each year on Armistice Day, the Association organises the Great War Remembered concert in St. Martin’s Cathedral in Ieper. The concert aims to contribute to the nation’s annual day of remembrance by turning the clock back more than 100 years and immersing the public in the atmosphere of the Great War. Instrumental and vocal music of the very highest quality, combined with a series of original First World War images, make this concert a unique experience.

We offer our 2,700 spectators a moving musical evocation of one of the world’s most terrible conflicts in the imposing setting of Ieper’s magnificent cathedral. The concert is one of the main fundraising activities of the Last Post Association.

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  1. 11/11/2022: 17h00
  2. 12/11/2022: 17h00 & 20h30

Update 22/06/2022:

  • LPA-members have priority to order their tickets until 10/07/2022 included
  • from 11/07/2022: tickets will be available for everyone

Where words fail, music speaks

Our participants

Royal Harmony Ypriana
Royal Harmony Ypriana


The Royal Ypriana Concert Band, led for more than 25 years by director Nico Logghe, is a contemporary music ensemble with over 80 gifted musicians, some of who are professional players.
What makes the band so distinctive is the comfortable manner in which they feel ‘at home’ with many different kinds of music.

Ypres Surrey Pipes & Drums
Ypres Surrey Pipes & Drums


The Ypres Surrey Pipes and Drums first saw the light of day in 2007. Under the leadership of Pipe-Major Eric Remy, the YSPD has grown not only into a fine band, but also a close group of friends. Weekly rehearsals over many years allow the group to perform as a complete and harmonious musical whole.

Last Post Association
Last Post Association


The Last Post is daily played under the Menin Gate in honour of the memory of the soldiers of the former British Empire and its allies, who died in the Ypres Salient during the First World War.



Chorus, led by director Tineke Devoghel, is a mixed four-voice choir. It is often accompanied by its own small orchestra, which includes a piano, flutes, clarinets and a trumpet, with other specific instruments (for example, bagpipes) being added, when needed.



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patrick riguelle


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Frans Grapperhaus

Info will soon follow.

Brad Ulrich - Trumpet professor

Brad is a Professor of Trumpet at Western Carolina University in North Carolina, USA.  He’s equally interested in WWI.  He is a member of System 5 Brass, a professional brass quintet consisting of the top brass players/teachers from five different universities in North Carolina.  It is a fantastic ensemble.

Nico Logghe

Nico Logghe - Musical director

As the conductor of various orchestras, Nico has built up a solid reputation. He has won several awards at international music competitions and shared major podiums with famous artists. He is currently the artistic director of the Jongelingskring, the Royal Ypriana Concert Band and the Westhoek Consort chamber orchestra.

Tineke Devoghel

Tineke Devoghel - Musical director

Tineke is director of the Chorus choir and music ensemble, De Reutelnoot and the Ieper Children’s Orchestra. She plays flute and piccolo in the Royal Ypriana Concert Band and in the ‘Jongelingskring’ Royal Concert Orchestra.

Bart Cafmeyer

Bart Cafmeyer - Artistic director

Bart has directed a number of different musical groups and is best know for his contributions to various cultural walks, shows and parades, including the triannual Cats Festival in Ieper.



Musical directors








Special guests






This is an overview of the seating areas for spectators.

Available options:

  • Main entrance (red)
  • Side entrance (yellow).
Saint-Martin Cathedral, Ypres – Belgium


St. Martin’s Cathedral, on the Vandenpeereboomplein in Ieper (behind the Cloth Hall), was completely destroyed during the First World War and rebuilt afterwards.

Because the concert takes place during the busy 11 November period, parking opportunities in the city centre are very limited. Sufficient parking spaces are usually available on either the Minneplein (500 metres) or Oudstrijderslaan (1000 metres).

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Looking back on the concert

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