The Great War Remembered Concert 2023


The Last Post Association would like to thank for having attended The Great War Remembered Concert in St. Martin’s Cathedral in Ieper. We hope that you, together with us, enjoyed the concert. 

The Great War Remembered Concert

The concert that helps to support our mission.

Annual concert on Armistice Day


Each year on Armistice Day, the Association organises the Great War Remembered concert in St. Martin’s Cathedral in Ieper. The concert aims to contribute to the nation’s annual day of remembrance by turning the clock back more than 100 years and immersing the public in the atmosphere of the Great War. Instrumental and vocal music of the very highest quality, combined with a series of original First World War images, make this concert a unique experience.

We offer our spectators a moving musical evocation of one of the world’s most terrible conflicts in the imposing setting of Ieper’s magnificent cathedral. The concert is one of the main fundraising activities of the Last Post Association.

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  1. 09/11/2024: 17h00 & 20h15
    11/11/2024: 17h00
  2. numbered seats; e-tickets only

Tickets 2024:

  • 06/04/2024 – 26/04/2024: priority LPA-members (all members will receive an e-mail)
  • 27/04/2024 at 9.00 am: tickets available for all members of the public

Where words fail, music speaks

Our participants 2023

Royal Harmony Ypriana
Royal Harmony Ypriana


The Royal Ypriana Concert Band, led for more than 25 years by director Nico Logghe, is a contemporary music ensemble with over 80 gifted musicians, some of who are professional players.
What makes the band so distinctive is the comfortable manner in which they feel ‘at home’ with many different kinds of music.

Ypres Surrey Pipes & Drums
Ypres Surrey Pipes & Drums


The Ypres Surrey Pipes and Drums first saw the light of day in 2007. Under the leadership of Pipe-Major Eric Remy, the YSPD has grown not only into a fine band, but also a close group of friends. Weekly rehearsals over many years allow the group to perform as a complete and harmonious musical whole.

Last Post Association
Last Post Association


The Last Post is daily played under the Menin Gate in honour of the memory of the soldiers of the former British Empire and its allies, who died in the Ypres Salient during the First World War.



Chorus, led by director Tineke Devoghel, is a mixed four-voice choir and has about 70 members. It is often accompanied by its own small orchestra, which includes a piano, flutes, clarinets and trumpet.

Chorus performs several times a year at concerts, wedding celebrations or church services. Concerts with other associations are also regularly scheduled.

Lady Linn


Lady Linn aka Lien De Greef has already released 5 full albums. She guarantees quality, passion, great singing and fun.

Her unique voice comes into its own in every possible style which she proves once again in her new ‘trilogy’, a series of 3 EPs with her affinity for jazz, soul and dance.

For ‘Operation Dynamo‘ in De Panne (2021), Lady Linn was a guest for the first time of the Royal Harmony Ypriana.

Photo: Roën Lommelen



Absynthe Minded first made themselves heard in 1999 as Bert Ostyn’s one-man band. The group released 7 albums and wrote some great chapters in Belgian music history.

On 15/9/2023, ‘Sunday Painter‘ was released followed by a Belgian club tour. Bert also makes three guest appearances during the Great War Remembered concerts 2023.



Troissoeur is the collaboration of 3 Vanvinckenroye brothers (Rein, Edwin and Joris) and guitarist Pieter Thys. Troissoeur was known as a group with a rock-solid live reputation and they played at major international festivals worldwide.

The musicians went their separate ways in 2007. After a 13-year silence, they played a first series of reunion concerts in 2020-2021. After this, Troissoeur decided to continue with a new drive like never before.

Wouter Deprez


Wouter Deprez (° Geluwe) is a true ambassador for his region.

With the performance ‘Slijk‘ (2014-2015), he went in search of his roots and looked the past in the eye.

On 11 & 12 November, Wouter brings the testimony of ‘The landscape‘ and the scars that still visibly provide memories as a basis for remembrance and the endless call for ‘Never war again‘.

Photo: KREW

Lies Verholle
Lies Verholle


Lies Verholle soon discovered a passion for singing. She studied classical singing at the School of Arts in Ghent. She has collaborated with Belgian conductors such as Michel Tilkin, Henk Soenen, Jan Vuye, Nico Logghe, and can frequently be seen on concert stages.

Since 2014, in addition to her work as a solo singer, Lies regularly sings with the choir of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and the choir of De Munt.

Elisabeth Vanhoutte
Elisabeth Vanhoutte


As a young viola player, Elisabeth was already deeply immersed in music: camps both in Belgium and abroad, concert tours… She joined the Westhoek Consort string orchestra and studied with Benny Barends at the Academy in Ieper and increasingly took the stage as a soloist. She has recently been studying at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent under the guidance of Hendrickje Van Kerckhove.

Nico logghe


As the conductor of various orchestras, Nico has built up a solid reputation. He has won several awards at international music competitions and shared major podiums with famous artists. He is currently the artistic director of the Jongelingskring, the Royal Ypriana Concert Band and the Westhoek Consort chamber orchestra.

Tineke Devoghel
Tineke Devoghel


Tineke is director of the Chorus choir and music ensemble, De Reutelnoot and the Ieper Children’s Orchestra. She plays flute and piccolo in the Royal Ypriana Concert Band and in the ‘Jongelingskring’ Royal Concert Orchestra.



Bart Cafmeyer is a drama teacher, producer of pageants and spectacles (both great and small, including the Ieper Cat’s Festival) and a theatre director, as well as being an accomplished actor in his own right. His most recent monologue ‘t Was ol Weg (Everything was gone) told the story of the rebuilding of Ieper and Flanders after the Great War. A number of fragments from this monologue were performed during TGWR 2022. 



Musical directors








Special guests






This is an overview of the seating areas for spectators.

Available options:

  • All ticketholders enter through the main entrance.
  • Ticketholders in Category 3 then proceed to the right to their seats. 
Saint-Martin Cathedral, Ypres – Belgium


St. Martin’s Cathedral, on the Vandenpeereboomplein in Ieper (behind the Cloth Hall), was completely destroyed during the First World War and rebuilt afterwards.

Because the concert takes place during the busy 11 November period, parking opportunities in the city centre are very limited. Sufficient parking spaces are usually available on either the Minneplein (500 metres) or Oudstrijderslaan (1000 metres).

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