The Last Post in the landscape

The buglers of the Last Post Association leave the Menin Gate and discover, together with you, the landscape of In Flanders Fields. The evocations zoom in on one or more stories of soldiers of the Great War and are accompanied by music and lyrics.

Zondag / Sunday 01/10/2023 - 15h00


Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Poperinge


On Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Poperinge many soldiers from the British West Indies are commemorated. One such soldier was Douglas Roy Manley, buried nearby. Together with his brother Norman he faught for their freedom. As ‘coloured’ West-Indian (Jamaica) they were disgusted about the way they were treated by the British Army. Norman later became Prime Minister of Jamaica and leaded his country towards independence. Or how painful experiences during the war can grow into great and hopeful deeds.

Herbert Morris is one of the youngest executed soldiers of the Great War. Barely 17 years old, he drags ammunition to the battlefield. But he can’t stand the overwhelming noise of war and flees. This is considered desertion. The young intelligent Jamaican is set as an example a few days later…

The Lady Linn Trio and the Chorus Youth Choir provided music and singing. Rien Deleu & Baptiste Cobbe told the story of the soldiers.

The evocation took place on Sunday 1 October 2023 at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery at Poperinge.

– Free access
– Registration was required through the registration form; you will receive one ticket which is valid for all registered persons
– Language: Dutch (documentation in English available)
– Parking in the Boescheepseweg
– In the week of 25 September 2023, all registered people received an email with the latest information.

The evocation will take place at the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk (Church of our Lady) in Poperinge (Casselstraat) in case of bad wheater,

Registration evocation 01/10/2023 - Poperinge

Registration evocation II

Please subscribe through the form below for the second evocation on Sunday 1 October 2023 at 15h00 at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery (Boescheepseweg) at Poperinge. Registration is required. Please present your ticket at the entrance.

April 2024


De Palingbeek Zillebeke

Spread over the different cemeteries in the Palingbeek, we tell, among other things, why Captain Gilbert Jocelyn Basil Fazakerley-Westby is buried here, despite the fact that his name also appears on the Menin Gate.

The story of violin maker Richard Spencer Howard who was killed here is also extremely interesting. Sam Sweeney, a well-known name in English Folk, found an unfinished Howard violin in a large envelope, which he had restored.

August 2024


The ramparts - Menin Gate Ieper

Why did Indigenous Australians fight in the First World War? Loyalty and patriotism may have encouraged them to enlist. Some saw it as an opportunity to prove themselves as equal to the Europeans. Or had they been promised better treatment after the war? Perhaps the offer of 6 shillings a day for a trip abroad was simply too good.

Worldwide, more than 2500 First Natives died, of which 400 to 500 here in Flanders Fields. For a population of only 100,000, this is quite something. Reason enough to give these people a special place in our commemorations in the landscape.

De historiek van de Last Post - Menenpoort

Previous evocations

Saturday 17 June 2023 - 20h30


New Zealand Memorial Park Mesen

George and Herman Bollinger were born in New Zealand and grew up in the small place of Omata, just outside of New Plymouth. During the Great War the two brothers were engaged in the area of Messines / Ypres and they were both fatally wounded.

The Great War centenary inspired four students of Omata School (where the brothers studied before WWI) to research their history and the fact why their names had not been mentioned on the local war memorial.

We paid tribute to the fallen by sharing their intriguing stories. An Pierlé sung and De Brasserie provided the musical accompaniment. WXII made music and got the public in the right atmosphere. The New Zealand Ambassador addressed the public at the end of the evocation.

Please click here for an impression of the evocation.

The evocation took place place on Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 20:30 in New Zealand memorial park in Mesen.

– Free access
– Registration was required
– Language: Dutch (documentation in English available)
– Parking in the Church and New Zealandersstraat
– Afterwards, the Last Post Association invited the public for a drink

In case of bad wheather, the evocation would have taken place at the Peace Village in Mesen.

Last Post Association, Ieper

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