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Become a life member: Wayne & Margaret Reed (Perth, Australia)

Testimonial by Wayne & Margaret Reed (Australia)

Our introduction to the Last Post Association

The trail started when we were in Botswana in 2009 and by chance met Philippe De Bruyn (administrator of the Last Post Association) and his family at one of the camps.

Philippe introduced us to the LPA and the Menin Gate ceremony and we indicated that we would visit one day. Later that year we were in Europe and we arranged to visit Ieper.

Why I was motivated to become a life member of the LPA

On arrival in Ieper my wife Margaret and I visited the Museum and the Menin Gate.

We were somewhat taken aback at the magnitude of the events that had taken place in the immediate area during WW1. The number of names of deceased servicemen and women was overwhelming, including about 80,000 from Australia.

That evening we attended the ceremony and I was given the honour of presenting the Exhortation.

My wife and I found it a very moving experience.

The next day we toured some of the nearby battlefields and cemeteries.

Since that time we have often discussed our visit with family and friends and the impact of the sacrifice by so many for our freedom has remained with us.

We wanted to assist to ensure the LPA event continued into the future and decided that Life Membership was the best way we could contribute and remain connected.

We will visit again.

Life membership of the Last Post Association Ieper

The Last Post

Every day, at 8 o’clock in the evening. The daily act of homage.

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