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Enjoy the concert 2022

Welcome on one of the concerts 2022 in the cathedral of Ieper.

Please read the guidelines below to make the concert an unforgettable experience.

The Last Post Association wishes you a beautiful concert.


On the exception of last minute changes, the concerts will take place as follows:

  • 11/11/2022: start at 17.00 (doors open at 16.15 – end at 18.30)
  • 12/11/2022: start at 17.00 (doors open at 16.15 – end at 18.30)
  • 12/11/2022: start at 20.30 (doors open at 19.45 – end at 22.00)


Be on time, so that the check-in runs smoothly and that no one needs to miss the start of the concert.


Don’t forget your e-tickets / invitation: no admittance to the cathedral is possible without (e-ticket / invitation.

E-tickets ordered? Print them and take them with you or make sure to show the e-tickets on your smartphone. No access possible without e-ticket / invitation!

  • Admittance tickets categroy 1 & 2: entrance 1 (main entrance)
  • Admittance tickets category 3: entrance 2 (side entrance)

Make sure to present yourself at the correct entrance to get a smooth access to the cathedral.

Places in the cathedral are numbered.

You will find the following details on your ticket: the category (1, 2 or 3), the entrance (1 or 2), the row number and the seat number. The organiser has the right to give you another seat if this is necessary for the concert.

Sold tickets can never be changed or refunded.

Mobility and parking

Don’t miss the start of the concert! Leave well on time and check if there are road works or possible traffic jams.

On 11/11/2022 , traffic will not be allowed in a great part of the centre of Ieper and this from 08.00 untill 21.00.

If you come by car, we advise you to use one of the following parking facilities: Tulpenlaan, Rijselpoort, parking site Picanol (Steverlyncklaan) and Haiglaan.

By foot from one of these parking facilities or from the railway station is a less than 15 minutes walk to the cathedral.

Please check the website of the City of Ieper for more information on traffic.

You can access the cathedral with a wheelchair.

Foods, drinks and toilets

It’s not permitted to eat or to drink in the cathedral before and during the concerts.

There are no toilets within the cathedral.

Luggage, back packs or large bags are not allowed. Don’t bring them to the concert.


Everyone will receive a free copy of the concert brochure after entering the cathedral.

It will offer you more information on the participants, the directors and special guests as well as the programme of the concert.


Before and after each concert, you’ll be able to buy one or more merchandising articles of the Last Post Association:

• the book ’30,000 daily tributes’
• the photobook ‘The Last Post during the centenary of the Great War’
• the lapel badge
• the CD
• the tie
• the magnets
• and the DVD’s from the concert 2015 and 2018.

You can buy the book ’30.000 daily tributes’ during the concert at the exceptionnal price of 20 EUR (- 50 % !). It’s an ideal gift for yourself, your friends or to put under the Christmas tree.

By buying one or more articles, you support the Last Post Association.

Concert 2023

Register yourself so that we can inform you on the concert 2023.

Did you know that you can benefit from the priority period to buy your tickets as a member of the Last Post Association?

More info

If you have one or more questions in the cathedral, please speak to the people of the Last Post Association. They will be glad to help you.

The Last Post Association is not responsible for any accidents, theft or loss of materials and/or personal belongings.

For more info and tickets:


The Last Post

Every day, at 8 o’clock in the evening. The daily act of homage.

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