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Speech 94 years Last Post

25/04/2022 - Speech by Mathieu Mottrie, Vice-Chairman of the Last Post Association

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the 94th anniversary of the Last Post ceremony. Tonight, the Last Post will sound for 32550th time, under this Menin Gate.

Since the 2nd of July 1928, the Last Post Ceremony seeks to express, day after day, the lasting debt of gratitude, to the men who fought and fell for the restoration of peace and the independence of Belgium.

When the bugles now blow, we no longer remember simply, the fallen of the allied nations, who willingly made the supreme sacrifice. We also remember, that many died on the other side of No Man’s Land. Enemies then, but partners now in a united Europe. In this sense, the Last Post Ceremony, is not only a mirror, reflecting Europe’s troubled past, but also a beacon of hope, for all our futures.

Today, the signal of gratitude and hope, must sound stronger than ever. Our Association, with all its staff and supporting members, is utmost determined and motivated, to continue this unique daily remembrance and keep spreading its message of hope, far beyond our borders. And this, in perpetuity.

The Last Post

Every day, at 8 o’clock in the evening. The daily act of homage.

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