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30,000th Last Post – A tribute to the tribute

On 9 July 2015

On 09/07/2015 the Last Post will be blown for the 30,000th time under the Menin Gate in Ieper. To celebrate this unique occasion, GoneWest (the cultural remembrance programme of the Province of West Flanders) is organizing with the Last Post Association and actor Wim Opbrouck (the guiding spirit behind the initiative) ‘A Tribute for the Tribute’. 

On 9 July 2015, this large-scale participative event will take place in fire stations all around the world.

People from all over the world will be asked to follow the Last Post ceremony live at 20.00 hours local Belgian time (GMT+2) on 9 July 2015 in their local fire station. A short text, specially written for this event by Wim Opbrouck, will also be read aloud in each of the participating fire stations by a person selected locally (for example, the mayor, the chief fire officer, the youngest fireman, the oldest fireman, a veteran etc.).

When the 30,000th Last Post is sounded by the buglers under the Menin Gate, it is hoped that a moment of silence and contemplation will be held in as many fire stations as possible around the world, and that the commemorative text will be read out in honour of the Last Post. A simple gesture; a tribute to the buglers who have brought their own tribute to the fallen soldiers of the First World War 30,000 times; a tribute celebrating the worldwide solidarity between the firemen and firewomen of all nations. This will not be a large-scale, ‘spectacular’ event, but a quiet and dignified coming together of kindred spirits in a special place – the local fire station.


  • 19.00: Arrival of civilian guests at the fire station
  • 19.40: Word of welcome by the chief fire officer
  • 19.50: A contemplative text, written by Wim Opbrouck, will be read aloud (by a person chosen by the local fire brigade)
  • 20.00: 30,000th Last Post – live broadcast
  • 20.30: Closing address by the chief fire officer – Sirens are sounded.

Via online media, internet streaming and other classic media channels, GoneWest will make the 30,000th Last Post available to communities around the world. In this way, the feeling of solidarity between the participants will be greatly strengthened. Information about the further development of the project will also be communicated as soon as possible.

30,000th Last Post - A tribute to the tribute

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